Aarya Samaj Wedding

Arya Samaj Wedding

Many individuals these days aspire to have a dream wedding which involves lot of money and also lavishness. But then there are a few people who do not believe in such jazz and show off. They are not the ones who are rigid but then they are very specific about their ceremonies and rituals. It is thus that with easy and simple customs they get along with the Arya Samaj wedding.

All those people who cannot afford a very big fat Indian wedding or then are amongst those non believers in a few rituals generally prefer an Arya Samaj wedding. In this kind of marriage the bride and the groom both wear real simple clothes. The bride is dressed in a beautiful saree and a few ornaments around here body parts. The jewelry worn is not at all heavy and the bride is not over dressed too. On the other hand the groom wears a simple dhoti kurta of then any other dress that is preferred by him. These weddings do not go along for 3-4 days like those of the others.

This kind of marriages are very short which last for hardly and hour or two. Here there are vedic chants that are recited by the pundit and they are then translated into some simple language so that all of it is very well understood. This wedding is attended by a few close relatives only. The Arya Samaj wedding begins with the arrival of the groom at the wedding place where the Madhuparka custom is carried out. In this custom the groom consumes the Madhuparka which is said to be the mixture of honey, cream and curd. The bride will then give him water three times and every time the groom will sprinkle water on his body and also feet and then finally he drinks it the third time it is offered. it is then the brides turn to do the same and this is one custom that symbolizes a happy beginning for the couple.

It is then that the bride and the groom will sit in the mandap facing the holy fire and the pundit begins chanting some mantras and informs them about all their duties to be performed after marriage. After this is the Kanyadaan and this is the ritual that is performed by the father of the bride. It is here that he gives his daughters hand into the hands of the groom symbolizing her to be his responsibility from now on. It is then followed by the paani grahan ceremony and here the groom swears to fulfill all the responsibilities and keep his beloved wife happy. Then the couple together takes parikrama which is seven rounds and the custom of Saptapadi is performed. These marriage is then over after taking blessings. These rituals can also be performed in Rajasthan as it is one good place where you will find all of the things easily and the best venue too.

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