Bengali Wedding

Bengali Wedding

There is a very prominent proverb which states that marriages are made in heave but then these marriages are the ones that are given great importance in Bengali culture. Bengali weddings are a great combination of tradition, religions and custom and a lot of religious beliefs. Irrespective of a high budget Bengali wedding or then a medium sized one it is made very lavish with the most colorful rituals.

Most of the wedding rituals here are performed just by the women and this is called "Stri Acahar". There are variety of symbols used in a Bengali marriage just to indicate the purity, holiness and also the various other aspects of life. As the weddings here are colorful all different colors that signify a few things are used like the color red. It si used as it signifies love, emotion, luck and copulation too. Where as colors like black are not at all used as it indicates evil.

Here Banana trees, coconut and also 'ghat' are used because they are a symbol of child bearing. Major purpose of these rituals is just to guide the groom and the bride to have a fruitful, happy and also a prosperous life. All the Bengali rituals are very strictly followed by both of the families. Here they not only have the wedding ceremony but then there are also many other pre-wedding and also the post-wedding ceremonies. To overcome the couples reservations theya re made to perform a lot of rituals. There is also some naughtiness and so you will find relatives and friends pampering both the bride and the groom to make them feel extraordinary.

This Bengali wedding ritual can be very well split into three parts the pre-wedding rituals, the wedding rituals and the lastly the post-wedding ceremonies. The rituals of Ashirbaad,Aai Budo Bhaat, Dodhi Mongol and Gaye Holud are the ones that come under the pre wedding ceremonies. The first two ceremonies are the ones that commence a few days before the actual wedding day. But then the last two are the ones which are performed on the day of the wedding itself.

The wedding ritual starts from Bor Boron where in the groom comes into the bride's house. It is then followed by the custom of Potto Bastra followed by the next ritual which is the Saat Paak. It is during this ritual the bride is brought to the Chadnatolla, the venue of the wedding. after that comes the series of rituals which include Subho Dristi, Mala Badal, Sampradan, Yagna, Saat Paak, Anjali and Sindoor Daan.

The post-wedding rituals are also equally important. The wedding will not get over if they are not performed. The post-wedding ceremonies include the Bidaay, Kaal Ratri, Bou Bhaat and Phool Shojja. You can also perform this kind of Bengali wedding in Pushkar because this is one sacred place where you can not just feel the nature while you take vows but can also have the best experience.

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