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Well in such a case you can think of some interesting and grand venue which can make it look great. How about Bikaner? This is a very beautiful place in Rajasthan and also a very profound wedding destination. The old city of Bikaner is fenced with a long wall of about seven kilometers. Bikaner is known for its camel safaris too. Along with this there are many royal forts and heritage houses here that can be great option for the wedding venues. Wedding in Bikaner can be a great option for the main reason that you can get the best venues for your royal wedding. Along with this, Bikaner is also very famous for the ethnic style of wedding outfits.

You can get great wedding outfits, all traditional Indian style, here. You can get beautiful colors with great and minute work here in a very easy manner. There are n numbers of shops here where exclusive designs of the outfits are available. Along with the outfits you do not even have to work about the ornaments. Rajasthani ornaments are as it very popular for its beauty. Therefore you can get exclusive designs and patters in the ornaments for your wedding here. Not to forget about the Rajasthani food. Well the delicacies of Rajasthan are mouth watering. You will find delicious food here that you might not resist yourself to gulp all the items present in the menu. All these things will lure you towards Bikaner for your wedding. Some of the interesting venues that you can think of for the purpose of your wedding are mentioned below.

Gajner Palace one of the most chosen venues for royal wedding is located in Bikaner. This palace is built on the banks of a lake named as Gajner Lake. This palace is built by Sir Ganga Singhji who was a great King of Bikaner. This palace is yet another heritage hotel of India and is very popular for such royal occasions. There are all together 44 rooms in this hotel that are good enough for wedding occasions.

Apart from this you also have Karni Bhawan Palace which is yet another great palace for wedding. Actually this is an apt wedding venue for the reason here every important requirement for a wedding ceremony. You will be provided with facilities like bridal make up, mandap and also car decoration with the service providers of this palace itself. Therefore this can be a one spot wedding destination for you.

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