Christian Wedding

Christian Wedding

A wedding is said to be a very pure and jolly ritual. It is a very sacred system that has been into existence from centuries. A wedding brings together two individuals who promise to spend the rest of their lives sharing each other's joys and sorrows. If you have ever visited a Christian wedding you would know how magical it is.

Christian marriages are like fairytales with the bride in a white florescent gown and the bridegroom waiting for her. It is a very grand function where all the relatives come to bless the newlywed couples. Christian marriages are held in church mostly and the services of the priest are needed for getting married. Moreover an amount has to be paid as rent for the church. Some churches would even offer decorative arrangement while some would not prefer that. One fact that you would be unaware of is that different churches have different rules and regulations. The rituals are very simple. The bride and bridegroom have to first make promises of commitment with each other and even various vows. The main concept of a Christian wedding is two becoming one. The marriage couple has the right to bring their own priest for the marriage.

There are many different locations for getting married. Different people choose the locations of marriage according to their choice. Some people go for chapels inside the cities while some prefer in the chapels that are in scenic locations. It all depends on person to person. Many of them would even choose to plan their wedding outdoors locations like beaches, parks or any other exotic locations. Perhaps the location would depend on the budget of the individual. If it's a rich family, marriage on a beach or a park could be affordable. But if the family does not want to spend a large amount of money on the wedding they would prefer a simple marriage in the church itself.

The bride is mostly dressed in a white gown and veil. The color white is very significant which means purity. Even there is a best maid and best man who are there to help the bride and the groom. A flower girl is also present.

In India, Goa is considered as the best location for Christian marriages. It is the best option as you can get the best Christian environment over there with many beautiful locations and churches.

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