Gujrati Wedding

Gujarati Wedding

Have you ever attended a Gujarati wedding? Well if no then you have certainly missed something full of joy and fun. A Gujarati wedding is simply spirited and vivacious. Here are few rituals without which such a wedding is incomplete.

To initiate the wedding there is Mandap Mahurat along with Griha Shanti Puja. Both these rituals are practiced at the house of bride as well as groom. The former helps the negative energies to keep a distance from the couple and the family members as well. It will also bring luck and wealth in the new life of the couple. The later puja is done for the purpose of praying for the joyful married life of bride and groom. The date for both these pujas will be fixed by priest.

Without Garba, regional dance form of Gujarat, a marriage is incomplete. It depends of the wish of both the families when to keep this function of garba. There are special sticks with which this is played and these sticks are called as dandiya. Plus you also have raas and the songs on which these are played are simply exquisite and lively that your feet automatically start moving with the beats.

Pyhi is another ritual which is performed separately at the bride as well as the groom's house. Here the bride as well as the groom will be applied turmeric paste which will also have required oils. This will make the bride as well as the groom glow during their wedding.

Ponkvu, Jaimala, Madhuparka and Kanya Agman are to be performed on the day of the wedding at start. Here first the groom will enter with a Jan (Ponkvu), and relatives of bride and groom will introduce each other (Jaimala). Then the groom will be treated like a king and his feet will be washed with milk along with honey (Madhuparka). Finally the bride will arrive (Kanya Agman) so the wedding rituals can be commenced.

Finally the rituals of Gujarati wedding will begin and it will include Kanyadaan where the bride's father has to give his daughter to the groom in front of the holy fire along with chanting of the holy shlokas by the pandit. Then you have Hastamelap where the couple will hols each others hand and then Mangalpheras will be commence. There are generally 4 mangalpheras in Gujarati wedding. After which comes Saptapadi where they will take all seven vows for their married life.

Finally there will be Bidai where the bride's family will see off their daughter till the wedding car and will tell her final bye as a daughter of the family.

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