Indian Weddings

Indian Weddings

Weddings are said to be made in marriage itself and they are celebrated with a great joy. In India, the country of culture and heritage, marriages are not just sacred ceremonies but festival that are celebrated with family, friends and all the well wishers. Moreover when you see the south Indian weddings, they are very ritual-based with the saint pouring number of mantras and slokas.

The weddings of Muslims are very much known for welcoming as well as inviting the guests. The rituals Muslim Wedding (Nikah) are mainly for the three days. The weddings will be arranged in a grand way and bride, groom, their family members, relatives as well as friends will be present to enjoy the marriage through various rituals.

Maharashtrian wedding is a ceremony where not only the couple but their families are bound together. A male and female from two different families come together for making a couple. But along with that they create a big array of relationships of in-laws. Two families shake hands with each other and bless the couple which is marrying. Then they gather for a ceremony where all the rituals are performed through a Brahmin who is the Hindu priest.

A wedding is said to be a very pure and jolly ritual. It is a very sacred system that has been into existence from centuries. A wedding brings together two individuals who promise to spend the rest of their lives sharing each other's joys and sorrows. If you have ever visited a Christian wedding you would know how magical it is.

There is a very prominent proverb which states that marriages are made in heave but then these marriages are the ones that are given great importance in Bengali culture. Bengali weddings are a great combination of tradition, religions and custom and a lot of religious beliefs. Irrespective of a high budget Bengali wedding or then a medium sized one it is made very lavish with the most colorful rituals.

Getting married is the most wonderful feeling not just for the couple who is getting married but then also for their parents. It is the best for the couple because form that day they are going to stay together and exchange a bond which is too strong. It is a happy day for the family because their dream of getting their son or daughter married to the best person is going to come true. It is a well known fact that during a kerala wedding all the different customs and traditions are to be followed. It is not just the main wedding rituals that are followed during the wedding period but then there are many pre wedding ceremonies too which are performed.

Have you ever attended a Gujarati wedding? Well if no then you have certainly missed something full of joy and fun. A Gujarati wedding is simply spirited and vivacious. Here are few rituals without which such a wedding is incomplete.

Many individuals these days aspire to have a dream wedding which involves lot of money and also lavishness. But then there are a few people who do not believe in such jazz and show off. They are not the ones who are rigid but then they are very specific about their ceremonies and rituals. It is thus that with easy and simple customs they get along with the Arya Samaj wedding.

Marriage is the most auspicious and sacred ceremonies of Indian culture and it depict the true heritage. Punjabi wedding is one of the great examples of how extravagant and flamboyant a wedding can be. It is believed that Punjabi people are full of heart and they always live life king size, and their weddings are also big and charismatic. The flamboyance of weddings in Punjabis is shown through the rituals performed during and after the wedding.

Whenever you think of a Hindu Wedding the first thing that comes to your mind is the joy and enthusiasm among the bride, groom and the family members. The Hindu style wedding is full of rituals and lots of ceremonies that last for days. Each and every thing including the exchange of gifts, food, venue, wedding outfits and accessories, wedding cards, etc. are the best example of flamboyance. Following is a small elaboration on the Hindu weddings.