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Situated on the border of the cosmic Thar Desert, Jodhpur is yet another royal city in Rajasthan. Rao Rathore was the founder of this beautiful place. Jodhpur is well for its royal palaces and heritage houses. These places are well known wedding venues for many high end people. There are many people who believe in making the occasion of their wedding look grand and royal. In case you are among such list of people then Jodhpur can be a great place for you to think of for your wedding.

Wedding is considered as the biggest day in the life of the bride and the groom. Thus people who don't mind spending money on this auspicious occasion and want to be grand and majestic then you can think of Jodhpur. There are many imperial citadels where you can conduct your wedding ceremony along with the other events like the Sangeet, Haldi, Mehendi. Following are some ideal locations that you can think of for your wedding in Jodhpur.

The best place in Jodhpur where you can conduct your wedding is Umaid Bhawan. This is a gigantic palace with about 100 rooms where you can stay along with your guest for the occasion. In addition to this, this palace has a huge lawn full of greenery that spreads for more than 25 acres. This palace is included in the list of the largest residential houses in the entire world. You can only imagine how grand and royal your wedding might look.

After this you can also think of Ajit Bhawan as another venue for conducing weddings. This is yet another palace which is very popular wedding venue in India. In fact Ajit Bhawan is the first royal house in India that was converted into a hotel. You will get to see picturesque view of the Thar Desert from this Palace which adds on to it beauty. You will get a complete ethnic experience by conducting your wedding in this palace. The method of the hospitality here will have the traditional flavor of Rajasthani culture which itself is very grand.

Then you also have Taj Mahal Hari, another ideal wedding venue. Here you can experience the luxurious and imperial flavor of the Rajasthan. The interiors and look of this palace will make you remember the era of Moghals. It will be just like a dream come true.

One thing is for sure. You are surely going to get a well managed and well organized wedding. The services provided here are such that you can rely on. In addition to this you might also get special discounted rates for the wedding couple for their honeymoon. A wedding in Jodhpur will be surely like a dream come true.

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