Punjabi Wedding

Punjabi Wedding

Marriage is the most auspicious and sacred ceremonies of Indian culture and it depict the true heritage. Punjabi wedding is one of the great examples of how extravagant and flamboyant a wedding can be. It is believed that Punjabi people are full of heart and they always live life king size, and their weddings are also big and charismatic. The flamboyance of weddings in Punjabis is shown through the rituals performed during and after the wedding.

Described below is detailed information related to the rituals in Punjabi wedding.

To start with the rituals in the Punjabi the ceremonies begin with the Roka, it is considered as official commencement of companionship between the bride and groom and their families. After this the groom has to follow the "Sagan" ritual, in which the bride's family shower the groom with gifts and sweets. After this the next ritual is being perfoemd by the bride in which the groom's family gift her beautiful red saree, this ceremony is termed as 'Chunni Chadana'. The red saree is a symbol of acceptance of the bride in the groom's family. After all these formal procedure the big event of "sangeet" comes up in which both the families sings and dances on the tunes of traditional fold songs with lavish food. After this the bride applies beautiful mehndi in her hands and feet.

Once the pre marriage rituals are done, actual wedding customs begins. The Punjabi wedding customs starts with chuda in which priest ties one thread on the girl's wrist, in this ritual the bride wears beautiful bangles of ivory and red colors which is then touched by all the guests present as a symbol of blessing to bride. After this bride applies turmeric paste and mustard oil on her body, this custom is known as "Vatna" and done to enhance the charm and beauty of the bride on her wedding day.

At grooms side on wedding day the custom begins with Sehrabandi, where in the boy ties beautiful turban and is then offered gifts and cash symbolizing the good luck. After this the boy then climbs the mere and leaves for the wedding location, this custom is known as Ghoddi chadna. When the groom reaches to the wedding location he and his entire family is welcomed by the bride's family and this ritual is known as Milni. After this garlands and gifts are exchanged between both the families. Th enext ritual is Varmala where the groom and bride exchanges the garlands.

After this 'Kanyadaan' and phere are performed. In Kanyadaan' the bride's father giver his daughter blessings for here happy married life and hands over the responsibility to the groom. Phere consists of seven rounds around the holy fire and during these round the bride and groom takes their wedding vows.

Punjabi weddings can be extremely charming and beautiful and if you are planning your wedding then you can very well do it in the City of Jaipur in Rajasthan

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