South Indian Wedding

South Indian Wedding

Weddings are said to be made in marriage itself and they are celebrated with a great joy. In India, the country of culture and heritage, marriages are not just sacred ceremonies but festival that are celebrated with family, friends and all the well wishers. Moreover when you see the south Indian weddings, they are very ritual-based with the saint pouring number of mantras and slokas.

A typical South Indian wedding is considered a very grand and beautiful affair. There are a number of relatives and friends who come to bless and give wishes to the newly wed couple. The wedding starts with a special Vratham that is performed by the bride and the groom separately. The most beautiful part of these wedding is the cultural decorations. The gateposts have plantain trees tied to it with rangoli and beautiful flowers that decorate the entrance. In the evening of the marriage, the groom goes to the girl's house accompanied with his parents. Lord Ganpati is prayed to avoid all the hindrances and problems. The wedding is full of hymns and mantras which the priest chants. The bride and the groom are gifted clothes before all this rituals start. These rituals are followed with the circling of the fire and the god of father is offered firewood, ghee and twigs of certain trees. The bride and the groom hold each others hand and take seven circles around the fire.

The wedding mostly comes to an end with a magnificent feast of typical south Indian dishes which are served on banana leaves. Next the bride says goodbye to everyone at her home and proceeds to her in-laws house where she is welcomed with a big celebration. Before this, the newlywed couples take blessings from all the elders in the family. The most exciting part of the wedding that is awaited by all the youngsters is the games. There are many different games played by the bride and the bridegroom.

A South Indian wedding is done in a very relaxed and pure environment. There is even lots of singing and dancing done to celebrate this jolly moment. The best point of the south Indian wedding is the very cultural rituals that have not been even touched by the modern influences.

Most of the south Indian marriages are held in Kerela and Tamil Nadu as they have a very holy environment with a number of temples.

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